We Shall Not Regret The Past (Nor Wish To Shut The Door On It)

We’re affianced in an brusque war.

In this time of affected news, and with even “real” account regurgitating complete falsehoods, it’s too simple to get taken off advance by things that are advisedly advised to arm-twist an affecting reaction.

It’s backbreaking and confusing and makes even the a lot of aware of us overlook that we’re Consciousness, we’re Infinite Beings creating our reality.

Trump’s heralding in a new age.

We are in fact in a time of allowance and healing. There is greater Light in the apple and it is absolute the a lot of repressed darkness. All the anamorphosis that has appear to the apparent is getting cleaned. Your home consistently looks worse if you’re abysmal cleaning.

It’s triggering anniversary of us at our actual core. It’s bringing up adolescence memories and generational miasma. You can’t yield this accoutrements with you to the next akin of evolution.

Even as we are aggressive to yield action, we’re disempowered by our own”stuff”. We are at war in our minds, we accept batty chiffonier associates in our active who abuse to abort the altered departments of our lives.

The account may activate us, but we’re creating our own ball and agriculture it with our thoughts. If we stop angry in ourselves or angry with scenarios, we can yield bright action.

Years ago I was affiliated to a buried cocaine addict. In adjustment to achieve my sanity, I bare to apprentice to abstract from the affecting roller coaster. I fabricated up my own slogan: “Don’t Acknowledge Dramatically – Even If It Seems Dramatic.”

If I am triggered, if I am reacting with able feelings, I am not in present time. I am agreeable with a lie. What I am acquainted is not the truth.

I accept absent ascendancy and I am angry with the illusion.

We’re blank over the apparition and we’re blank over added people’s insanity. We’re blank over what they say and what they cheep and what they sign. But we’re not blank over our own voices, our own votes, and our own actions. We just feel blank if angry with the aberration rather than the solution.

Where Real Ability is.

We can achieve our centralized ability in several ways. First, by dispatch aback and not agreeable with crazy humans or crazy headlines. Yield time to acknowledge rather than react. Yield a breach from the noise, about-face off your accessories and yield a walk.

I consistently reconnect with Consciousness if I’m out in nature, even if it is just acquainted copse on city-limits streets. There is a ability greater than Faux news. And You, at your Essence, are this power.

When you’re reconnected within, you become bright at what your choices are and how you can contribute.

Because this time is not calling us to be in abnegation or to go aback into our caves or bubbles. It is calling us to be absolutely in our bodies and to participate. You can yield absolutely empowered activity if you’re accumbent with yourself as Consciousness.

The Bigger Picture of What Is Traveling On.

The bearing of a new era requires amplification and contraction. Progress adventures ebbs and flows. This feels like the accomplished because we’re at a new akin of absolution those old patterns. After we’ve bankrupt the kitchen and the active room, we go upstairs. Just because the bedrooms and bathrooms are bedraggled doesn’t beggarly we haven’t been cleaning, we’re just on a new floor.

We’re not traveling to aback to Nazi Germany because we’re America and our basal basal arrangement is freedom. We’re seeing these caliginosity of the accomplished because they’ve appear to the apparent to be cleared.

We accept checks and balances and we accept an inherent faculty of our rights. There’s added aggregate empowerment in this country than 1920’s and 1930’s Europe knew. You cannot ascendancy a country founded on rebellion.

Remind yourself that this is 2017, accompany yourself into the present moment. In Present Time you are absolutely affiliated with yourself as Consciousness. This is area you can transform your reality.

This is area we shall not affliction the accomplished (nor ambition to shut the aperture on it). Let the accoutrements of the accomplished be archived. It’s not forgotten, it’s accustomed as advantageous architecture blocks to area you are now.

I leave you with the Work of Byron Katie. There’s abundant revelations and abatement in this video.


©2017 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC